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phone: 517-234-5681

fax: 517-455-7560

Nikki Finch

Nikki Finch, LMSW


I love working with youth and adults who have experienced life's hard edges and are ready to grow through the struggle. Whether it's dealing with the effects of trauma, depression or anxiety, issues in your relationships with yourself or others, the struggle of bringing your full and complex self into the world, or the psychic toll of structural inequality, I'll help you take stock of what capabilities, resources, and opportunities you have. I can hold and walk with you through your pain. I'll help you build new skills to diminish your suffering and increase your capacity for wellness.

I'm rooted in the ideals of self-determination, community justice, and dignity. I believe part of the value of therapy comes from getting support from someone with whom you can safely practice new patterns inside a secure and boundaried relationship. Considering the entirety of your context, I'll help you work toward liberation utilizing your strengths.

I hope my honesty, humor, and matter-of-fact acceptance will offer you a safe place to bring your whole self to our time together. Feel free to reach out to me in whatever way you're most comfortable and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have prior to making a commitment to therapy. I’m honored to witness amazing people's triumphs and growth.

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