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Deena Agree, LMSW


I am an older woman with lots of life experience, a fascination for people and a passion for listening, caring, and helping. After 40+ years as a piano teacher and pastry chef, I recently obtained my Master of Social Work degree and began practicing as a clinical therapist. I have worked with a wide variety of clients, including everyone from college students to women in their 60's, and migrant farm workers to survivors of domestic violence. Everyone and everything interests me; I am a generalist at heart.


I am an older mother of twins, one of whom has a developmental disability, so I have lots of experience navigating the idiosyncratic, bureaucratic world of parenting a child with disabilities. I have taken trainings in various counseling models. When I start working with a client with a particular problem, I seek out training to enhance my ability to help that client. In addition to counseling and teaching piano, I ran a catering business called “Deena’s Cheesecakes” and spent six years in New York as a pastry chef. I have also been an accompanist of every type and worked professionally as a jazz pianist. I love the study of languages and spent years abroad in various countries where I immersed myself in the languages and cultures of those communities so I would be able to communicate with people in their own language and on their own terms; I find it absolutely thrilling when I find myself be able to communicate with people in a language that is different than my own. I also studied sign language (ASL) at LCC, because I was particularly drawn to the beauty and expressiveness of that language. I did all of these things because I am fascinated by people and enjoy learning about them and immersing myself in each of their own particular worlds.  


In addition to my academic credentials, I have gobs and gobs of life experience, which I apply to my work as a therapist. I am always client-centered and client-driven. Whatever brings you to therapy will interest me.

I have a special interest in the following areas and how they interact with each other:

  • Trauma – both big “T” and little “t”

  • Family and couple dynamics

  • Gender fluidity and sexual orientation

  • Partner violence

  • Sexual assault

  • Social justice

  • Race and ethnicity

  • ADHD

  • Giftedness


I am trained in these areas:

  • EMDR

    • I have been integrating EMDR into my work lately and am finding it to be especially valuable 

  • DBT

  • TF-CPT

  • Grief and loss


Please let me know if you would like to work with me.

Contact Deena:

4660 South Hagadorn, Suite 280E

East Lansing, MI 48823

phone: 517-449-2106

fax: 517-455-7560

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