Deena Agree, LLMSW


I recently joined North Star Wellness Center as a therapist. I am doing only tele-health at the moment, although I look forward to the time I can return to meeting face to face with my clients. Here’s a short(ish) bio:


I am an old lady (well, 68 years old, to be exact). I have been a piano teacher for more than 40 of those years, and I recently completed my Master of Social Work at MSU. I have worked as a therapist with a large variety of clients so far - college students, women in their 60's, migrant farm workers, and survivors of domestic violence; and I loved every type of client and every minute of counseling. As I mentioned, I started out as a piano teacher, (I earned a degree in piano performance from MSU and was an enthusiastic graduate student in music theory.) My decades of piano teaching taught me to tune into my students, sometimes working with them for as long as a decade or more; I enjoy the depth of teaching, as well as the depth possible in counseling.


I am an older mother of twins, one of whom has a developmental disability, so I have lots of experience navigating the idiosyncratic, bureaucratic world of parenting a child with disabilities. I have taken trainings in various counseling models. When I start working with a client with a particular problem, I seek out training to enhance my ability to help that client. In addition to counseling and teaching piano, I ran a catering business called “Deena’s Cheesecakes” and spent six years in New York as a pastry chef. I have also been an accompanist of every type and worked professionally as a jazz pianist. I love the study of languages and spent years abroad in various countries where I immersed myself in the languages and cultures of those communities so I would be able to communicate with people in their own language and on their own terms; I find it absolutely thrilling when I find myself be able to communicate with people in a language that is different than my own. I also studied sign language (ASL) at LCC, because I was particularly drawn to the beauty and expressiveness of that language. I did all of these things because I am fascinated by people and enjoy learning about them and immersing myself in each of their own particular worlds.  


In addition to my academic credentials, I have gobs and gobs of life experience, which I apply to my work as a therapist.


Please let me know if you would like to work with me.

Contact Deena:

phone: 517-449-2106

fax: 517-455-7560

PHONE: 517.455-7555

FAX: 517.455-7560

119 Pere Marquette, Suite 3B

Lansing, MI 48912