Founder and Director of Education & Training

Shari has an infectious laugh and questionable sense of humor. Though not yet ready to take a North Star comedy show on the road, she does travel across the state to train different groups of people.


Shari has devoted her career to two things: supporting survivors of sexual and domestic violence, and educating criminal justice professionals and community leaders about gender-based violence. She is a licensed clinical social worker with a Bachelor's and Master's Degree from Michigan State University.


Shari works with clients from all walks of life and is super adept at helping folks feel at ease when they enter the world of therapy.  She strives to develop counseling goals with clients and let them guide the direction of the therapeutic experience.  She has expertise in trauma related to sexual assault and domestic/relationship violence. She also works with anxiety, depression, LGBTQA issues, oppression and marginalized populations, eating disorders, stress reduction and other general counseling issues.  Shari is also very comfortable delving into spiritual questions in life, like "where do we come from" and "where are we going". She also believes finding laughter along our journey is critical to quality living. 


She currently serves on the Battering Intervention Services Coalition of Michigan and the Capital Area Survivor Speakers Bureau Advisory Board. In her past life, she worked at the Michigan Public Health Institute and as the Counseling Center's Sexual Assault Program Coordinator at Michigan State University. She secretly loves working on grant proposals and pouring over the details - likes calculators, spreadsheets, and manilla folder labels.  She doesn't boast, but creates a mean PowerPoint presentation with multimedia.



Shari loves playing in fairy gardens and full-on belly laughs. She has a passion for learning--learning from her clients and colleagues, from life experiences, and she learns the most important lessons from her two cats. She is also dedicated BIG TIME to providing education and training. She is adjunct faculty at MSU and contracts with several organizations to provide trainings relevant to mental health, trauma-informed response, sexual misconduct, offender tactics, implicit bias and cultural inclusivity. Shari is also qualified to provide expert witness testimony in civil and criminal court. 



Shari expresses gratitude and feels privileged to do this work alongside so many amazing people.  She is inspired by the motivation and energy of others who strive to enhance public safety and enrich the lives of all people. She retains some of their energy, but also drinks a lot of coffee. 

Contact Shari

Shari Murgittroyd LMSW

Phone: 517.455.7787

Fax: 517.455.7560