Scenario-based and microlearning delivered in-person or online. Our curriculum is research based, yet pleasantly engaging...we even have FUN!

We know - you already have a sexual harassment policy, and you might even conduct annual training. But is it good enough? Anti-harassment training is often boring, outdated, or riddled with obviously discriminatory behavior. Doesn't sound very helpful, does it?

North Star is the answer. Our education and training programs can help you maintain a harmonious and safe work environment, while also protecting your bottom line. We provide relevant, interactive programs with realistic scenarios and practical solutions to guide your organization in the right direction. 

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Navigate the Office Turbulence

You're a manager at a midsize firm or agency, and office politics are getting personal. You'll need some poise and a little finesse to rescue office morale and avoid possible litigation.

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To Escalate or Not to Escalate

You've had some harassment awareness training. You have good intentions, but do you know when you should really take action? Do you know what action and steps to take in response to disclosures and to prevent future harassment?

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There's no better time than at the very beginning of a new hire to set office conduct standards. Our interactive and customized onboarding courses for employee orientation can help set expectations and maintain a healthy, inclusive workplace.

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Employee Wellness Workshops

Employee wellness programs can boost morale - and boost productivity. We have standard workshops for mindfulness and stress reduction. We also provide customized workshops based on your company's needs.

Give your company the tools to prevent misconduct and mitigate impact if it occurs. Contact our office today for a free consultation. We'll discuss your options and recommend a plan of action.