Cara Vealey


I’ve always been told that one of my strengths is in creating a safe space for people. This, along with my passion for justice and well-being spurred my decision to pursue a career as a therapist.  It is my intention to provide a restorative, therapeutic space for people as I believe that an individual’s healing and growth helps to strengthen not only the individual, but has a cascade effect in improving relationships with others and inevitably the broader community as well.

I am currently in my final year at Michigan State University where I am working toward my MSW. I primarily utilize Cognitive Processing Therapy to work with those who’ve experienced trauma. I also hold a Master’s in Anthropology from Western Michigan University (with a focus on race and racism). My other interests include exploring our world (both physically and intellectually), hiking with my dog Emmett Brown, experimenting with new plant-based recipes, and learning new languages; I’m currently learning Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) as a large part of my heart resides in Scotland!

I am thrilled to be interning with North Star Wellness Center. The name is symbolic for me as I believe we all have the ability to work toward being our ‘best selves,’ but sometimes we need help learning how to read (or honor) our own internal compass. I look forward to working with you in learning to recognize and make use of this valuable tool as we explore paths for your own healing and growth. 

Contact Cara:

phone: 517-455-7555

fax: 517-455-7560